Exhibiting venues:

  • 11/00 ‘Eden’. Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture. Radley College Gallery, Oxford. UK
  • 09/00 ‘Parade’: Leeds Contemporary Art Now. East Street Gallery, Leeds. UK
  • 03/00 ‘Formerly Known As Art’ (F,K,A,A). Contemporary Fine Art in Leeds. The Wardrobe, Leeds. UK
  • 01/00 ‘Invisible Body’. Wellcome Trust Sci-Art Collaboration. The Atrium Gallery, London, UK
  • 07/97 University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

The installation ‘Nativity’ was the culmination of Paddy’s post-graduate investigation into human cloning technologies and the ever-changing, constantly shifting attitudes towards cutting edge biomedical science, particularly in relation to theological doctrine. This collection of artefacts was developed between 1997-1998, following a period when cloning technologies made significant advances due to the research conducted by the Roslin Institute and controversies surrounding anticipated uses were regularly featured in the media. Nativity presents a hypothetical manufactured ‘Second Coming’ whose components are a hybrid of biomedical and theological artefact.